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Emergency Response Team

Men training on side of mountain with ropes
The Greenville County Emergency Response Team (ERT) is made up of volunteers from various fire, EMS, and law enforcement agencies in the county. The team is responsible for responding to a variety of incidents, including, but not limited to, water rescues, technical rescues, missing persons, and hazardous materials releases.


Collapse, Trench & Shoring

Dive Rescue

Hazmat – Greenville County hosts the Upstate Regional Response Weapons of Mass Destruction Hazmat Team for South Carolina.

Rope Rescue

Search & Rescue

Swiftwater Rescue 

Greenville County maintains and supports the team with a Special Operations Coordinator, who organizes the team response, equipment and training.  All of the team members are volunteers, who attend additional training to perform the specialized tasks of this team, in addition to their primary job.  This is a great partnership with agencies across Greenville County because they can sponsor the members under a memorandum of understanding and be provided equipment, with additional personnel at a moment’s notice of an incident.

The most frequent utilization of the ERT involves fuel spills, missing persons and hiking incidents. It is estimated that in an average year, one out of every three trains and one out of every ten trucks is carrying some type of hazardous material. Greenville County has more than 1,400 miles of state-maintained highways, numerous railroad lines, and many industrial manufacturing plants that use hazardous materials.

Team Membership

Further your skills and knowledge in emergency services by joining the team today!

If you would like to join ERT, please fill out the application below, have your supervisor sign it, and send it to Jessica Stumpf and Pierce Womack.

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