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Kathy Opalacz


Kathy started her career in Emergency Services as a 911 Communications Specialist for the City of Greenville Police and Fire Departments in 2009. Later, in June 2020, Kathy accepted a position with South Carolina Emergency Management Division. During her time with SCEMD, she continued to expand her skill set working in Hazard Mitigation, Radiological Emergency Preparedness Program, and Regional Emergency Manager Program. While at SCEMD, Kathy assisted with the coordination and planning of multiple exercises, including Radiological Emergency Preparedness Exercises and a variety of training. Professionally, she has a passion for building strong working relationships, community service, and helping others expand their knowledge and skill set. On a more personal level, Kathy enjoys hiking, snowboarding, relaxing on the beach, and spending time with her two dogs, family, and friends!

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